I want to know my data usage

This is David. He is customer of one of the cell phone carriers in his area. David wants to check his current (unbilled) data usage.

Send Actionable Tweet

David already signed up for actionable tweets with Telco. David sends his Tweet to his Telco's support: "Hello @Telco_Support, I want to know my_data_usage"

Tweet Action Processor

TweetAction module listens on Twitter, receives in realtime all tweets directed to @Telco_Support. It identifies call to action 'my_data_usage' and invokes Telco's functionality to retrieve data usage for David.

Actionable Tweet Reply

TweetAction receives data usage from Telco function, and replies back to David with his data usage: "Hi @david, you have 3.5GB of data usage this month. For details please visit self service: http://www.telcoselfservice.com"

Main features

Fully customisable, platform independent, real-time, flexible, minimal requirements

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