I've always thought that Twitter was only to spread and share, but when I discovered Tweets in Action, I realized tweets can actually work for me. Each tweet can turn into a command, an action, something meaningful.
I can send a tweet to my mobile provider asking for my data usage and receive reply within seconds:

@mytelco, what is my_data_usage

Hi @david, you have used 3.5GB of data this month so far

Or I can send a tweet to my bank asking for my mortgage rate:

@mybank, what is my current mortgage_3y_rate

and get a reply within a few moments

Hello @david, we emailed you the information you have requested.

In fact I can turn tweets into commands, requests and orders. I can really make tweets work for me and tweetaction.co helps to achieve that.

This is how the system works:
tweet action: listen on twitter listens on twitter
tweet action: filter tweets filters the relevant tweets only
tweet action: process tweets finds the pattern to process and calls to action
tweet action: reply on twitter replies with the answer to your question

Most importantly, it can be used everywhere, in almost every sector. The benefits are endless:
If you want to make your tweets work, act now, contact tweetaction.co for your custom solution.

Actionable Tweets by Example

Tweet to receive your current weather conditions

Tweet to receive your current timezone

Tweet to convert amounts between the currencies

Tweet to get stock exchange details

Tweet to get your curent location & map